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Frequently Asked Questions on Vending Policy

  1. Why is Health Services implementing a 100% healthful vending machine policy?
    Health Services supports an atmosphere in the workplace that makes the healthy choice the easy choice. By offering healthier snack items in vending machines, the County employees will have healthier food options at the workplace. Employees may of course still bring favorite beverages and snack foods from home
  2. To which foods does this vending policy apply?
    This policy applies to foods and beverages sold in all existing Health Services-contracted food and beverage vending machines.
  3. What types of foods and beverages will be sold in vending machines?
    Vending machines will offer fewer calories, and less fat versions of many favorite snack and beverage items. Healthier options to be sold include:
    • Water and low-calorie beverages or no-calorie beverages, such as diet soda.
    • Fruit or Vegetable Juice or low fat milk.
    • Baked chips, granola and cereal bars, crackers, cheese, fruits and nuts.
    Please see the sample list of healthier snacks on our website.
  4. My department occasionally has potluck lunches, birthday parties and some of us bring our lunch every day. Do we have to bring in special foods that are low in fat and calories instead of our usual items?
    No, you do not have to bring in special low-fat, low-calorie foods for your potluck lunches, birthday parties or in your bagged lunches. This policy only limits the types of foods and beverages that are sold in Health Services-contracted food and beverage vending machines. You may continue to bring your favorite foods and drinks to work. However, bringing healthier foods to potlucks and parties is encouraged.
  5. I don't like to drink diet soda and I keep a candy jar filled on my desk. Does this mean that I can't drink regular soda or eat my candy at work?
    What you bring to work to eat is your choice. You may continue to bring and keep your favorite candy and sodas at work. This policy only limits the food and beverages sold in Health Services-contracted vending machines. However, since the Vending Machine Policy is trying to increase your access to healthier food items at work, you are encouraged to share healthier food items with your colleagues. A "dried fruit jar" may not have the same ring as a "candy jar" but your co-workers might appreciate the healthier snack!