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Transportation for Medi-Cal Members

If you are a CCHP Medi-Cal member and have no other way to get to your medical appointment, CCHP can help. Call us!

CCHP Transportation Line
1-855-222-1218 (TTY 711)

Please call us at least:

  • 5 – 7 business days in advance for bus, paratransit, car, or taxi rides
  • 7 – 10 business days in advance for non-emergency ambulance, wheelchair van, or litter van / gurney

OR for urgent appointments, as soon as possible
(the earlier, the better!)

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call to tell us as early as you can.

Types of transportation covered by Medi-Cal:

  • Non-Medical Transportation (NMT) – rides by bus, paratransit, car, or taxi to a medical appointment or Medi-Cal covered service.
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) – rides by ambulance, wheelchair van, litter van / gurney, or air transportation, when a member’s medical needs does not allow them to travel by bus, car, or taxi. NEMT services must be ordered by a health care provider.

Limits of non-medical or non-emergency medical transportation: CCHP provides the lowest cost transportation that meets your needs to the closest provider from your home where an appointment is available. Transportation will not be provided if the service is not covered by Medi-Cal.

Member Responsibilities

By accepting NMT or NEMT Transportation services, members agree to these member responsibilities:

  • Members must book the ride far enough in advance in order to ensure the ride can be arranged.
    • NMT (bus, car, taxi, paratransit): at least 5 – 7 business days in advance, or for urgent appointments, as soon as possible.
    • NEMT (ambulance, wheelchair van, litter van / gurney, air): at least 7 – 10 business days in advance, or for urgent appointments, as soon as possible.
  • Members must give CCHP as much notice as possible for cancellations (ideally 1 business day or more).
  • If there are delays or failures in pick-up or drop-off times, members should call the transportation company to see if they can help fix the problem right away. However, members may call CCHP if they still need help. Members may also file a complaint (grievance) with CCHP.
  • Members must make sure all information for the trip is correct. If it is not, the member or member’s parent/guardian must call the CCHP Transportation Line above to correct the information. CCHP is NOT responsible for wrong trips as a result of wrong information that is given to us.
  • For NMT through a car or taxi: Parents / guardians of members who need a car seat must supply their own and are responsible for buckling in the car seat and child.
  • CCHP is NOT responsible for members or their belongings during this transportation.
  • Members under 18 years of age who want to use the Transportation benefit unaccompanied by a parent / legal guardian will only be permitted if the member

Not a CCHP Medi-Cal member?

If you have Medi-Cal and need transportation, but you are not a CCHP member yet, Medi-Cal may still be able to help. Please see the Medi-Cal webpage on Transportation for more information.