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Storm Water and Illicit Discharge Investigations Program

Contra Costa Health Services - Hazardous Materials Programs (CCHSHMP) works cooperatively with Contra Costa County Department of Public Works, Watershed Program (CWP) to conduct Storm Water inspections at industrial and commercial businesses and investigate illicit discharges to the County's storm drain system. The inspections and investigations are a part of the compliance requirements under the Federal Clean Water Act's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program. In Contra Costa County, the San Francisco Bay (Region 2) and Central Valley (Region 5) Regional Water Quality Control Boards have each issued NPDES permits to Contra Costa County to control the discharge of pollutants to receiving waters from municipal storm water. The CWP is responsible for ensuring Contra Costa County is in compliance with both NPDES permits.

Each year, the CWP is required to report inspection and investigation findings to the appropriate Regional Water Quality Control Board. Based on the requirements in the NPDES permits and previous year's inspection results, the CWP determines a list of facilities for CCHSHMP to inspect.

See more information regarding the CWP and its NPDES permits.


Contra Costa County Ordinance 96-2, Title 1014 - Storm Water Management and Discharge Control.


Interdepartmental Agreement with Contra Costa County Public Works Department.


About 225 storm water inspections and 50 illicit discharge investigations per year. Inspections of 5 Keep the Delta Clean oily waste disposal facilities.

State Water Board Industrial Storm Water Program

Filing a Notice of Intent or No Exposure Certification must be completed through the State Water Board's SMARTS database.