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Level 1 Alert lasting longer than 20 minutes or with odors
Notification Only - Flaring incident at Phillips 66 Rodeo that may be seen by the surrounding community.
December 6, 2023, 4:37 pm

ISO Guidance Document

Table of Contents

Section A: Risk Management Program Elements
Section B: Chapter 1 - Introduction
Section B: Chapter 2 - Human Factors And Human Error
Section B: Chapter 3 - Evaluation And Minimization Of Latent Conditions
Section B: Chapter 4 - Process Hazard Analysis
Section B: Chapter 5 - Incident Investigation
Section B: Chapter 6 - Operating Procedures
Section B: Chapter 7 - Management of Change for Organizational Changes
Section B: Chapter 8 - Employee Participation
Section B: Chapter 9 - Training
Section B: References
Section C: Root Cause Analysis and Incident Investigation
Section D: Process Hazard Analysis/Action Items
Section E: Safety Plan
Section F: Safety Culture Guidance document
Section G: Safety Evaluation

Attachment A: Latent Conditions
Attachment B: Sample Worksheets From CMA's Management of Safety and Health During Organizational Change
Attachment C: Inherently Safer Systems Checklist
Attachment D: Inherently Safer Systems Matrix
Attachment E: Safety Culture Assessment