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Continuum of Care


On any given night in Contra Costa County, there are roughly 3,800 people experiencing homelessness...

Agencies in the Continuum of Care offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals who want to make a difference in their local community. Help support efforts to provide much needed services and supports to homeless individuals and families in our county.  See volunteer opportunities at specific agencies.

Point-in-Time Count

  • Contra Costa needs volunteers for an annual count of its homeless population.

    Point-in-Time Count

    Each year in January, Contra Costa's Homeless Continuum of Care (CoC), with the help of community volunteers, conducts a comprehensive point-in-time count of families and individuals experiencing homelessness. The point-in-time count tallies information about people sleeping in emergency shelters and transitional housing as well as people sleeping in cars, in abandoned properties, or in other places not meant for human habitation. It provides a one-day snapshot of homelessness and includes data about families, youth, chronically homeless, veterans, as well as gender, ethnicity, and race.

    In 2022, Contra Costa County will be postponing the unsheltered and sheltered PIT count until February.

    Given the recent COVID-19 surge in positive cases and hospitalizations across our community as well as the impact that COVID-19 has had on staff capacity across our homeless service providers, we will be postponing to ensure a safe, reliable, and valid count of all people experiencing homelessness.

    The sheltered count will now take place on the night of February 23rd and the unsheltered count will take place in the early morning hours on February 24th.

    We are seeking volunteer teams of two (people in a "pod"/comfortable being in a car together) to assist with the unsheltered count on Feb 24th, between the hours of 5am – 10am.

    To register to volunteer, please complete the survey using this link.