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Plan Review FAQs

How many sets of plans must I submit?
  • Initially 1 set
  • 4 sets must be submitted for revised and final approval

How long must I wait for my plans to be reviewed?
  • For food facilities: allow 20 working days
  • For pools / spas: allow 30 days
  • You may check the status of your plans on the Contra Costa Environmental Health Department website.

How can I get information on what needs to be included on each set of plans?
  • Request a Plan Check Information Packet
  • Visit the new revised website and download the updated Plan Check Guidelines

Who can I contact if I have questions about my plans?
  • If your question involves a plan that has already been reviewed, contact the plan reviewer who reviewed your plans. If your question involves a plan that has not been reviewed yet, contact the Plan Review Desk Duty Person at 925-608-5500 or come in to the Contra Costa Environmental Health Division at 2120 Diamond Blvd., Suite 200 Concord on Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

What is the cost of having my plans looked at and accepted?
Can my plans be expedited?
  • No. Plans are reviewed in order in which they are received.

What are "cut sheets"?
  • Cut sheets are manufacturers specification sheets of equipment items.

What types of equipment are approved for use in a food facility?
  • All equipment must comply with applicable ANSI/NSF, UL, or ETL equivalent standards.
  • See NSF Product and Service Listings for a current of list NSF equipment.

After my plans are approved, when do I call for inspections?
  • A pre-final inspection must be scheduled when finish work is completed with plumbing, ventilation and equipment in place, and room finishes completed. Schedule inspection at least four working days in advance.
  • A final inspection must be scheduled when 100% (percent) of the construction is completed, including all finishing work and utility hook-ups. Schedule inspection at least four (4) days in advance. A Health Permit to Operate must be approved for issuance prior to opening.

Are there other Agencies I need to contact?
  • Yes, including but not limited to: local Building Dept., Fire Dept., Planning/Zoning Dept., Sanitation District (sewer department), Alcohol Beverage Control.

Can I start any work before my plans are approved?
  • No work may be done before plans are approved.

Do I need a grease interceptor or grease trap?
Do floor sinks have to be installed flush with the floor or raised?
  • Contact local building department. See Contra Costa County Cities.
  • If floor sinks are required to be raised above the floor level by about an inch by the building inspection department, then it will be necessary to seal around the perimeter of each floor sink with an acceptable material and cove the sealing material (3/8 inch minimum radius) from the outer edge of the floor sink down to the floor surface so that an integral cove is formed.

What types of sinks need an indirect drain?
  • Utensil sinks (three compartment sinks) and food preparation sinks.

What other types of equipment need an indirect connection?
  • Condensation lines from refrigeration units, automatic dishwashers, ice machines, and soda dispensers also require an indirect connection to a floor drain.

What type of sinks do I need?
  • For a typical retail food facility, you would need a utensil (three compartment sink), food preparation, mop / janitorial and handwashing sinks.
  • If you have more than one type of food processing, you may be required to provide additional sinks.

Can I email request for inspections?
Can I submit plans electronically?
  • Electronic plans are not accepted at this time. Please submit hard copies for all plan submittals.