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Treatment Services

How to Access Our Services?

Contra Costa Residents can access Alcohol and Other Drugs Services by calling:

Detoxification - Services entail safe withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs for a period of time in which the client adjusts to the absence of drugs, usually up to five days. Programs offer a 24-hour supervised non-medical environment in which clients are monitored, given information, motivated and referred to longer-term treatment. To ensure continued care, AODS requires linkages among the various treatment modalities to provide care following detoxification or residential services.

AODS detoxification services are contracted with the following community based agencies: Bi-Bett's Pueblos del Sol in Concord and East County Detox in Pittsburg (women), and Southern Solano Alcohol Council (SSAC) in Vallejo.

Outpatient Drug-Free Counseling - AODS non-residential treatment programs provide individual, group and family counseling, education and relapse prevention services. Treatment includes assessment, development and implementation of individualized treatment and discharge plans, AIDS and STD education. Programs recommend participation in AA, NA, SOS and other twelve step support groups.

Residential - Residential programs are 24 hour per day, seven day per week social model environments that require a minimum of 40 hours per week of counseling and/or structured therapeutic activities such as consciousness raising, twelve steps, stress management, poly-drug education, relapse prevention and planning groups. Treatment includes assessment, development and monitoring of individualized treatment and discharge plans, AIDS and STD education, required attendance to AA and NA groups, vocational counseling, job search, and employment referrals. To ensure continued care, AODS requires formal service linkages among the various treatment modalities and its providers.

Methadone - AODS contracts with the Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment, Inc. (BAART) to provide methadone maintenance and detox services for heroin addiction. Therapeutic medically supervised daily doses of methadone are administered to clients addicted to heroin in conjunction with counseling to ensure optimal client health.


Criminal Justice - AODS contracts court, parole and probation mandated substance abuse treatment and intervention services, which include countywide Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Drug Diversion (PC-1000) AB109.

The Criminal Justice Services treatment philosophy and approach to clients is to provide accurate information about the possible consequences of alcohol and other drug misuse; provide clients the opportunity to explore related ideas and feelings in a controlled group setting; and, enforce compliance with firm attendance and behavioral standards.

Driving Under the Influence - AODS contracts DUI sites in Antioch, Walnut Creek, and Richmond. Contracts with Bi-Bett and Occupational Health Services, to provide First Offender and Multiple Offender services. DUI services are a multi-faceted statewide approach to address the problem of alcohol and drug impaired drivers. The State Department of Drugs and Alcohol licenses and monitors all State DUI programs under Title IX, California Code of Regulations. This program operates in partnership with the Department of Motor Vehicles and court jurisdictions to combine sanctions with treatment to reduce the incidence of repeat offenses.
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AB109 Services


Pregnant and Parenting Women.


AODS clients have access to vocational training programs under a contract with Bi-Bett's Cooking School located in Clayton's Diablo Valley Ranch facility.


Youth, Family and Community Services include AOD treatment for Youth and Prevention. Our services strive at providing comprehensive care coordination for youth ensuring increased length of stay in a continuum of services that supports treatment, recovery and healthy life styles.

Youth AOD Treatment - Following the Alcohol and Drug Program's Adolescent Treatment Guidelines, the goal of youth services is to promote drug and alcohol free youth by providing family centered, culturally competent and youth specific treatment for youth 12-18 year in Outpatient and Residential modalities.
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In agreement with the Contra Costa County's Strategic Plan the mission of prevention services is to engage diverse communities in a partnership to reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs through culturally competent, evidence-based prevention activities.
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Service Fees - AOD prevention services are free of charge. Contra Costa residents are required to pay for treatment services based on ability to pay through a sliding fee scale. However, no one is denied services based on inability to pay.

Exceptions include Criminal Justice Services intervention and treatment services such as: DUI and PC 1200 which are fee-for-service based on income and strictly defined by regulations.